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Shipping will be from Michigan, USA. I can ship to anywhere that's on the map. Most (not all) prices includes shipping. Offers are accepted, but please nothing too low(anything really low I will ignore). For others, please e-mail me for shipping prices (include what you are interested in so I can give you a more acurate shipping price).

E-Mail/Paypal mail: Hathor_Sg1x@comcast.net
All the item's I'm selling are below in other posts, pictures are provided for all of it unless I don't have time to add in a picture of the new item.

Payments accepted from US Buyers:
Money Order (prefered), well concealed cash (at own risk), PayPal, or trades. All prices here are in USD.

Payments accepted from NON-US Buyers:
PayPal ONLY.

Trades(only within the US)
Trades are welcome, see my want list. Also due to scamers I WILL NOT send 1st no more. You can thank the thieves. Some are not available for trades because they're not mine. And for the love of Obi-Wan! Please DON'T offer me items not even remotely related to what I'm looking for.

My Feedbacks are in the Feedback post below. Please leave my feedbacks there also.

I will now only hold for 1 week. I must receive the payment within 1 week otherwise I will repost them as available. Serious buyers and traders only please. NO DEATBEATS!! If I am holding something for you and you change you mind and don't want it please let me know. Also, if there is more than one person wanting one thing, it goes to whoever can pay the fastest(or offers more).

Thanks for Reading!
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Deadbeat List

This list was created with help from my friend blu8e and myself heathers_junk list of deadbeat reasons. DO NOT USE IF YOU CANNOT PROPERLY CREDIT US BOTH AND ASK!(please only list the selling LJ's do not list our personal ones as they don't link you to the store with the orginal content...)

Why are you a deadbeat? Because of the following reasons:

1. you post and never reply back to my post to you
2. you tell me to hold something for you, but never say if you really want it or not
3. you never tell me that you changed your mind and don't want it anymore
4. you don't respond to my e-mails
5. you claim you wanted the item and I hold it over the limit/no e-mail respones lie and in other words back out and not telling me
6. you said you'll pay, but didn't
7. took forever on sending your part of the trade
8. never sent your part of the trade
9. You list me excuses I've heard FAR too many times from Ebay!(sob stories, my car broke, or something else.)
10. you are wasteing my time
11. I know I'm redunant, but deal with it
12. so now you know why your on the list!
13. Bad Seller/Trader(paid for an item took 3+ weeks to mail it/not get item OR Did a trade and NEVER got my items...)
14. Scamer!

Please try to stay off my list.

My list of deadbeats (#10 goes to everybody in this list):

c16w See: #1
vampire_damned See: #2-6
poisoned_apples See: #1
seriouslyme See: #1
surfgirl83 See: #2, #3, #5, #9, #10
melissa_iris See: #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #10
harahetta See: #13, #14(VERY good scamer...stole over 350.00+ dollars from other users)
buy__this See: #1
ambient_noise See: #1, #4
sklamalam See: #1, #4
trash2treasures See: #13 #14
xromxanxce See: #1, #3 #6
_dead_deals_ See: #2, #3 #5 #6 #10
_sailor_nova_ See: #2, #5 #6
tara_ashley See: #1, #4
philspstuff See: #10
nezume amarielmoon moonya_chan (same people?) See: #13 #14
mrrranda See: #13
bandanna_boy_17 See: #1 #2 #3 #4
morbid_eyesx3 See: #3 #5 #6 #9
lightnin_strike See: #3 #5 #6

Total deadbeats: 23(my list keeps growing...why?)
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Beanie Babies and Anime Plushies

BIG SALE!! If you plan to buy over 50 of these I will make you a deal!(prices will vary on what you want...)

New Items added 6-28-06

Bears 2.50(each)
:Regualr Beanies: 2.00(each)
Attic Tresures: 3.50(each)
Rare Beanies:(look below for the list of them/prices)
Beanie Pillow pals/friends:(look below)

If you buy over 20.00(and each 20 after that you get a free one) in beanies you can get one of the regular beanies(2.00 ones) for free!

Mailing: I CANNOT mail these media mail. They are now opening the packages in the post office for things they think do NOT fall under 'Media Mail' so Parcel post/Prioirty Mail is what you guys gotta take. Sorry.

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List of things I'm looking for, will trade or buy to get some of them! If you don't have anything on my list I'm looking for show me your DVD's, Yaoi stuff, FMA realted items, PS2 games. No burnt cd's/VCD's please! I am willing to do trades, here is my list of things to trade from: heathers_junk

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